Ruth Pagan

How my story with It Works Started. I was looking for a product to help me with my Weight, Skin and Hair. A friend of mine introduced me to the It Works Product and I felt it didn’t work but that was only because I wasn't using the products the proper way. After that I had three girls sending me messages to join their team and one of the girls I felt was not giving up on me she felt I could do it, She pushed me and encouraged me to JOIN HER TEAM and sure enough back in 2/2017 I finally said yes to one of the girls and omg it was the best thing I've ever done. I started using the products the right way and I can surely say IT WORKS!!! I was amazed with my results and I have been using the products and selling as well. I love It Works product...

My Message to you all is that "IF I CAN DO IT SO CAN YOU"!!!!

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